Sailor Packer

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These affordable packers have nice detailing and a realistic feel. They are soft enough to pack all day and they feel & look pretty dang life-like. You can wear them in a packing strap, a jockstrap or even a well-fitting pair of underwear. Customers love these packers and we think they are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a realistic bulge.

The Sailor softskin packer is the perfect go-to for day-to-day wearing. Designed to fit comfortably into any packing garment, Sailor offers a realistic look and feel for packing. The soft, squishable exterior and firm inner core allow for a more realistic feel when held or squeezed.

We recommend wearing Sailor in a packing garment or packing undies such as the Pete as the Sailor will last longer than when worn in a traditional packing strap. We have found that the traditional straps create extra pressure on the point where the shaft and balls meet and can reduce the lifespan of your packer no matter which material the packer is made of. This is a latex-free product.

Please note colors pictured are approximate as all computer screens may display them a little differently. Available in Vanilla or Caramel. These items are not meant for penetration. Please note that due the way these are made, there may be slight cosmetic imperfections which do not affect the performance of this toy.

Material: Softskin
Care : Wash with soap and water (or toy cleaner) and then dust with cornstarch after washing and air-drying to return the toy back to its original "life-like" texture
Length: Sailor 1 - 4” long, Sailor 2- 5” long
Width: both 1.375” in diameter
Warranty: EtB's standard 60 day warranty against defects.
| Kay 26-06-2019 23:41

I really love my sailor packer ( 4 in. Vanilla) that it gives me more self confidence when I go out in public and helps me with my gender expression. But sadly after having it for 3 months it has tears between the balls and shaft. As well as the shaft now angles to the left and has tears under it as well and looks like a squished pee pee and will not fully form back correctly. All I ever used was gentle soap and water on it plus wear it in a harness in my boxer briefs. It just looks from use has not lasted as long as I would have hoped. :(

| Holmes 26-06-2019 23:40

This is a good packer, great realism for price. I turned it into an STP, didn't have any issues with the shaft as mentioned in other review.

All was going well, really enjoyed size/bulk (bought small), but about 2 months in my harness started cutting through the packer between the shaft and balls. It's pretty thin between the two. I use clear elastic as my harness so it definitely is thinner than other harness materials but I'd never had issues before with what I normally buy - classic packy. I wear packer within harness inside briefs.

It's too bad, I liked everything else about the sailor, would buy again if I wasn't worried it would tear.

| Wallie 26-06-2019 23:40

I have the 5'' chocolate sailor and have worn it on and off for 1.5 years. I would definitely buy this product again because it feels natural (can pass a squeeze test) and the color is the closer to being realistic than any packer within the cost bracket. Out of the box this packer does have a light chemical smell but that can be counteracted with 2-3 gentle washes with gentle soap and warm water. Dusting it wit corn starch can make the packer feel real to the touch and stop lint from attaching to your packer. This probably would not make a good DIY STP because of the filling in the shaft. Also, if you are looking for something to attach to your body this is not the correct packer because the back is flat. Overall I would recommend this packer.

| Taz 26-06-2019 23:39

I first took it out of the packaging to inspect the toy. Immediately I noticed where the balls met the shaft, there were some holes?/tears?/shredding? Of the soft skin where you could tell that some layers of the silicon were peeling apart from eachother. Also on the back of the packer were some stringy bits of silicon that flaked off when i brushed it with my fingers. I knew it wasnt a good sign but I trusted the product since I just got it.
So I settled it in to my packing strap,
After about two hours of just walking around my house
I could see that there is serious damage caused by the strap..... under the shaft got cut up and then I think gravity took over and made it worse.
At this point, it will fall apart very soon, I'm afraid to play with it now.
Another thing, is the smell of the material really bothers me. I hoped the chemical odor would wash away or at least decrease over time but no.

I wish more precautionary information was listed for the softskin, I didn't understand how delicate it is.... Amazingly lifelike! But I will not buy this again. </3

3.75 stars based on 4 reviews
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