Classic Packer (Mr. Limpy)

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You won't believe how life-like this packer feels. Mr Limpy makes the perfect bulge whether you are out on the town or just sitting around the house. It is made of a soft, skin-like material that feels amazing in your hand and is very squishy. Folks adore this Packer for its affordable price, ease of use, and life-like feel.

Softskin packers are porous, can be washed with soap and water or toy cleaner and then dusted with cornstarch after washing and air-drying to return the toy back to its original "life-like" texture. We suggest that you wear this in a harness, packing strap or pocketed jock strap so that the item is not sitting up against your body as this item is porous and the full list of the chemicals and materials used to make this are not available to us. According to the manufacturer, this item is latex-free, phthalate-free and body-safe, but we always like to err on the side of caution. 

To pack these many people use a tight pair of underwear, a jock-strap or a harness. You can also use our nifty Packing Straps.

• Small is about 3.75" long and $12  (shaft = about 3")
• Medium is about 5.5" long and $14  (shaft = 4.5")

Please note:

- All colors are approximate and may vary slightly from this picture. 

- That this packer, like most things made of porous materials, can absorb color from fabric, so yours may become discolored with use, depending on how you are wearing it. Discoloration after purchase is not a valid reason for return.

- Packers are not meant for penetration.

- The maker (Fleshlight) imprints their name on the base each packer. It is not very noticeable.  Additionally, items may have small cosmetic flaws. This is not a valid reason for return. 

Material: TPR
Care : This can be washed with soap and water or toy cleaner and air-dried. Use cornstarch to restore texture when dry.
Length: Varies
Width: Varies
Warranty: EtB's standard 60 day warranty against defects. Note slight cosmetic flaws or discoloration due to contact with fabric are not considered reasons for return.
| Jay 23-03-2022 21:53

Great packer, especially if you're on a budget. A 10/10 dick!

| Komaeda 24-06-2019 23:31

this is my first packer!!! i got mine in pink and it actually matches my skin color almost perfectly!! i was expecting like a bubblegum pink but this is even better!! its a size medium, i think the size is perfect, the balls are a little flat though. the wrinkles and veins make it look very lifelike im very impressed! its super squishy and soft and it makes me feel super valid and super happy <3

| Charlie 24-06-2019 23:30

Phenomenal for anyone on a budget. This packer is excellent for everyday wear, whether you use a harness or not. I've worn both the small and the medium, and both are very comfortable and lifelike, inside and outside your pants. These phalluses are a little softer than a cis man's, but not so much that it causes any problems. These packers are greatly detailed and they really feel like an extension of your body. They warm up the longer you wear them and feel very true to you. For people on a budget, experimenting with their gender identity, or who are even seasoned in using packers, this packer is absolutely fantastic for the price!

| Sean 24-06-2019 23:29

This is my first packer, being a big guy I for a medium and it fits really well against my body. The second I put it on I got some relief from my bottom issues and I feel way more confidant in myself. The bulkiness some people have wasn't an issue for me at all largely because of my large belly. I'm really pleased with the product and the shipping was fast. If there's only one thing I'd consider changing is the shipping bag lists it as a "plastic novelty" and that's a little embarrassing, but I get it might float passed parents a bit easier that way so I'll swallow my pride on it. I think my boyfriend might be a little jealous since I'm now bigger than he is :P

| James 24-06-2019 23:28

This is perfect for someone new to packing like myself! The price really sealed the deal - I'm in love. I bought the smallest size, I'm 5'7" and a slimmer frame. Feels natural and looks natural in my tighter jeans. One thing I would improve is the size of the balls; they're not 3d so I don't know why they would have to be so thick and... protruding? But I would certainly recommend this little packy to anyone looking to get into packing!

| Daniel 24-06-2019 23:27

I've been packing for quite some time now and have used the same product for years. ETB has the best 3.5" vanilla for the money and I have tried other manufacturers. I don't worry about a buldge cause if you really study the bio male anatomy, some are born with bigger balls than others, some have small balls but thicker girth and some have both and if they wear tight jeans they too will show buldge. The only way you or any bio male will not show one is if you're shoving it between your legs. The whole idea is to look realistic on the outside as well. Wear loose clothing if it bothers you, not the Packers fault. I use this packer with a simple harness and it looks just like any bio male with tight jeans. Love this product.

| cris 24-06-2019 23:27

i have had this packer in small for about 6 months or so and is still in good condition. very limpy and realistic, yes very ballsy but with tight briefs and zipper of pants it pushes the packer closer to your body flattening the bulk a tad. so depending what you wear you may or may not have a bulge but flip it upward can solve that if your pants don't have room. I'm now considering getting the medium to try out a different size and get a harness to feel free if i chose to pack with sweat pants or basketball short around the house which i do often, overall its great quality for the price.unbeatable!

i had one flaw on the underside of the head, but barely noticable, any other cosmetic problem were my mistakes. i boiled it to sterilize and use METAL tongs to take out of building water so i melted the rubber where the shaft and balls meet. but still wearable condition.

| Chase 24-06-2019 23:26

Very impressed about the details, the wrinkles and veins give it a more realistic look. I got a medium in vanilla, the size is perfect, but the color is a little odd but I'm also very pale and it's not like anyone will see it anyway. I love the feel of it. Despite being lifelike, I hate that it's circumsized but I will be using this one until a good, affordable intact packer is made. I think it is a very good buy.

| Caden 24-06-2019 23:25

I ordered a small in vanilla of this for my first packer. Yes, as other people have noted, the small is quite ballsy. I personally didn't find this to be an issue while packing, though. I am quite pale-skinned, but I found that the vanilla was actually too light coloured compared to my skin colour to look realistic, if realistic colour is a concern for you. The detail is super accurate - I love it! Even though there is no colour differentiation in this packer, the skin texture and vein look awesome. There was a slight deformity on the head of mine, but nothing big and doesn't impact my ability to pack with it at all. I find the packer is quite bulky, and it always looks like I have a boner. I has heard from some FTM YouTubers to tuck the shaft into one of your pant legs to avoid the bulge looking like you're really happy, but I wear tight skinny jeans and the only way that I've found that works to minimize the bump is to actually tuck the shaft straight up so it sits under the fly of your pants. The shaft itself is quite bulky, and I can often see the outline of the peen through my jeans in the mirror which is a bit unsettling. I think the value and detail in this packer are great, but I'm constantly readjusting the packer in my pants which is pretty inconvenient. Overall, it's a good packer and has helped my dysphoria a lot, but I'd watch out for accidental boners with this one.

| Gus 24-06-2019 23:24

These make great starter packers. Because of the low price, it's great to experiment with different sizes. The small is a little ballsy, so the base is thick and awkward, but the shaft is easier to work with. The medium has a much more comfortable base, but the shaft can be hard to find a place for. I have both and use both depending on what I'm wearing or have cocky I'm feeling. (No pun intended) Note: In my experience harnesses make them harder to work with and just using tight briefs or a jock-strap is much easier. The small is harder to keep in place than the medium with this method.

| Beau 24-06-2019 23:23

This is the first packer I've ever bought and after making my own packers for a long while, I'm SO pleased with this one.

I bought a medium for myself and the bulge looks so natural and I feel more like myself.
Highly recommend this product!!

| Ryan 24-06-2019 23:22

Good first packer! Time will tell how well it will last, but it is good for the price. My only complaint is that even with a small, it still kinda looks like you have a constant binder, but I'm not sure if it's the packer or if I'm just packing it weird.

| Tyrone 24-06-2019 23:20

Beautiful just how I pictured it, its big and realistic

| Don 24-06-2019 23:20

Far exceeded my expectations. Very realistic in look and feel. Comfortable to wear and makes a very nice looking 'package'. Thank you!

4.85 stars based on 14 reviews
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