Slippery Stuff Gel Lubricant

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We LOVE this stuff! Slippery Stuff Gel is a thicker lube with no taste, no glycerin and no parabens. Its thick texture makes it a great choice for more intense sex play like anal sex, but we also love to use it on sex toys because it doesn't slide right off. 

The 16 and 32oz sized come in a pump top bottle. 

The smaller sizes come in squeeze bottles

Customer Product Reviews:

"This lube is awesome! It lasts for a good long time, works great with dildo and finger play, and best of all it has virtually no taste! So, if you love your partner, this is where it's at!"

*According to the maker- Ethylhexylglycerin is a synthetic compound derived from grains and plants used as an alternative preservative to parabens. It is chemically different from glycerin and unlikely to cause irritation. This paraben-free formula has been in use for over 4 years and has received very positive response. 

Ingredients : Ingredients: De-ionized water, polyoxyethylene, sodium carbomer, phenoxyethanol, *ethylhexyglycerin.
Compatibility : This is compatible with all sex toy materials and safer sex items.
| FTX Trans Person 23-07-2023 04:03

4 stars because it used to work when I was still in the early months of my transition but as I've gotten atrophy it seems to be a lil less effective and penetration can be a lil painful. If you're not dealing with that, then go ahead since it's a nice cheap option, but unfortunately not for me anymore D:

| Essie 01-04-2022 13:06

The best lube I've ever tried, and so affordable! I strongly prefer water-based lube for easy cleanup, no stains, and no worries about toy cleanup. This has been great for anal and using vibes on my trans woman penis. I especially like that this dries with no residue, not like all the sticky lubes I've tried before.

| MTS 02-03-2022 18:00

Amazing stuff! This gel is the most slippery water based I've tried. It makes everything slip in without discomfort, and leaves no uncomfortable vaginal burning. Sits where put, and once wiped off, dries easily.

| ryan 02-02-2022 22:23

godsend for sensory issues. there’s no scent, it’s not sticky or tacky, and it’s not liquidy. it’s a gel, so it stays where you put it, and it does a damn good job of keeping things nice and slick. love this stuff!

| Esme 01-10-2021 13:07

I like Sliquid Sassy maybe a little bit better than this one right out of the bottle, but this is also so much cheaper so it really wins on price to quality.

| Thick in the best way 04-09-2021 17:16

this lube cannot be beat as far as water based lubes go. Thick, smooth, more for less, and best of all odorless. I have a very sensitive nose and find that most lubes even quality ones have a smell thats hard for me to ignore but slippery stuff has been my best find for this issue.

| Anonymous Trans Guy 13-06-2021 02:44

This lubricant works excellently; it is just as silky and long-lasting as advertised on the bottle. It certainly exceeded my expectations for a gel lube. It keeps everything smooth and slick down there, and it feels just like your own body’s natural lubrication. It makes everything very comfortable and it needs little to no reapplication.

| EF 11-04-2021 16:17

Great for staying where you need it. I've compared this to Sliquid-Sassy and Sliquid-H20. The Sliquid is thinner and tends to bead up on silicone. For solo play it's moved before I'm ready. Slippery Stuff is thicker and stays put. This lets me take my time and know that the lube will being where I need it when I need it.

| E 28-09-2020 22:21

This lube is no joke! I am a person with a vulva that is prone to BV & yeast infections. After trying several different brands, Slippery Stuff is the *only* lube that hasn't messed with my pH or caused irritation. It has a smooth, gel-like texture that never gets tacky; the lube's thickness helps it to last longer than most water-based lubes. 10/10 would recommend for solo or partnered play!

| Richard 28-07-2020 02:22

With this, you truly get more for less. I've tried some other more expensive lubes, and they weren't as good as this. Something that gets me about most other lubes is the smell/taste, but this is as pure as it gets. And, it gets the job done better than the really liquidy lubes.

| Gabriel 24-06-2019 23:36

I have used water based lube before, but there's something about this lube that I love. It's perfect for anal, just make sure you use enough! Doesn't really have a strong odor which I like.

| Gus 24-06-2019 23:35

Tried many lubes in the past and this is my favorite. It's great to start off and gets better when it's wetter. ;)
Better yet is has a very mild taste and washes off pretty easy. For the price, you really can't beat it.

| Elle 24-06-2019 23:35

Great for anal! While I prefer a liquid to a gel for vaginal play, this will be the only lube I ever use for anal. Being thicker it stays where it's put and has never caused me irritation. It's also super long lasting.

| Lex 24-06-2019 23:34

Let's just say that the only complaint I have about this lube is that it's ruined all other lubes for me. It's thick and really does last long; I only had to reapply it once, unlike others that usually interrupt my orgasms. It's water-based, so it's safe for all of my toys which is great because I love the silicone ones. Plus, it's suitable for anal. Honestly, although I've only gone with this kind of price for my previous favorite, I have to say that this one is worth it. All in all, I am truly wowed by this.

| M 24-06-2019 23:33

Amazing! I love this stuff. I won't use any other lube again!

| Trix 24-06-2019 23:32

My favorite! The texture is really ideal; it stays put on toys, but doesn't get in the way of sensations. It's also the only lube I've used that's never caused me irritation.

| T (staff) 24-06-2019 23:31

Great and all purpose. This is my go to every day lube, it's thick enough for anal but also works great everywhere else. I have never noticed any kind of taste or odor and I think a little goes a long way. I even take it in with me when I get a pelvic exam!

4.95 stars based on 17 reviews
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