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One of our favorite harness-makers has done it again and is now making awesome packing underpants. These are designed especially for soft-packing and have the same attention to detail and high quality manufacturing that makes SpareParts one of our best-selling harnesses!

The Pete FreeStyle is a jock strap style underwear, has a contoured front while being light and minimal. It can comfortably be worn alone, or beneath additional underwear. Pete FreeStyle has a thin sheath that covers the front pouch. The sheath covers the packer so everything is nicely tucked in the pouch, and can be adjusted to sit in a comfortable position. You do have the option of the shaft sitting on the outside of the Freestyle via an opening on the side of the front.

From the manufacturer: 

    • As with all SpareParts HardWear products, PETE is fully hand or machine washable, making him hygienic and easy to care for. 
    • PETE is made of light weight Nylon, Spandex, Jersey material. The Nylon Spandex component helps PETE breathe and to pull moisture away from your body, to keep you cool and dry. The Jersey component enables PETE to hug and hold, and be comfy soft against your skin. 
    • PETE'S open fly front, provides easy access, and enables you to use a STP (Stand to Pee) packer naturally and with complete confidence. 
    • Pete doesn't want to be just a friend; he wants to be your BFFAF (Best Friend Forever And Forever). You never have to wonder, as PETE'S always got your back, your front, and everything in between. Whether you are taking wide steps, using the restroom, or performing rigorous activities, PETE'S secure fit, allows you to move freely, with zero fear that your packer will shift, dislodge or worse fall to the floor. 
    • PETE is agile and easy going; you can pull down and just as quickly pull up on your PETE UnderWear knowing that your packer will stay securely in place, exactly where you want it. 
    • PETE helps your image, as his contoured pouch under clothing, gives even a small packer the realistic bulge appearance of a flaccid penis. He is a great companion, and comfortable to wear all day along.
Sizing: S through 3XL
Material: Nylon, Spandex & Jersey
Care: Wash with delicates and hang or dry flat. You can put this in the dryer but keep on a low setting.
Warranty: EtB's standard 60 day warranty against defects.
| Mercury 03-09-2021 14:32

Love the security provided and the quality of the material! Your packer is not going to fall out of these babies and unlike some of my other cheaper harness they tend to not ride up or sag, but sit very nicely on my body. Comfortable as well.

As others have noted, the hole for your packer to go through and also I feel to pull your packer/stp out for access via the front is rather tight. It is not the easiest access for stp tbh, but isn't nonfunctional. Also it is quite a lot of material in front so is not good for wearing under tight pants cause it does bunch some, but for me it works well under looser pants and boxer briefs. My biggest complaint is actually just that one of my leg straps is slightly tighter than the other and it doesn't impair function, just annoys me slightly. They are also quite pricey, but I do feel the material is longer lasting than many of my cheaper harness to be fair. Overall happy with them and would consider getting again in the future.

| Noah 16-02-2021 20:34

If I were to rate in terms of holding a packer securely in the right place, I might give it 5 stars-- it's perfectly adequate, which is the best we can find most of the time, it seems. But the pocket is *way* too big (I use a Small Pierre). This bulk makes the crotch of pants fit uncomfortably and fit weird. I've ended up opting to use a packing strap with a regular jock with less bulk for under-clothes wearing, which is unfortunate, given the price. This is fine if it's all you're wearing, but not good as underwear.

| Jay 23-07-2019 20:43

I'm a big fan of Spare Parts products, because I always know what to expect with quality of the product. This is my latest addition and going to buy a couple more of these! Summer is here and I wanted to find something I could swim in and get wet, without my junk falling out. I know that there are other packing straps out there that might be cheaper, but most are leather or similar fabric. This jock is soft, well made and holds your pack snugly (in a closed pouch or leave it open)against your body. It makes your bulge look nice and natural without fear of falling out. I wore it in a swimsuit without the mesh liner, but sure that having the liner might give you a further piece of mind so you don't rock out with your cock out. Perfect for swimming and everyday use.

| Severin 26-06-2019 23:52

I had this same issue with the Pete Freestyle as I did with the Pete Trunks: the hole for the shaft of your packer/STP to go through is way too small and tight. It nearly tore the shaft of my Archer packer, and there's no way I would trust that it wouldn't damage my expensive Emisil STP prosthetic.

Like a previous reviewer noted, it does have a massive, obvious logo emblazoned on the front of it which is rather unfortunate.

It's pretty expensive for what you're getting. There are quite a few other options out there that offer the exact same thing at a more affordable price.

Other than that it's an alright jockstrap. I like the slick, stretchy material. I like that it fits snug and tight. I just find that I don't wear it because of how long it takes and how difficult it is to wrangle a packer or STP shaft through that microscopic hole in the front,

| Martin 26-06-2019 23:51

I’m a big fan of boxer briefs, they’re what make me feel the most comfortable and sexy. But they’re not great for keeping packers in place. This jock strap is great for wearing underneath my boxers, it’s comofortable and stores the packer great (I use the Reel Magik 5” basic packer). Looks and feels real in my boxers and the bulge is good. You can move it around to adjust where it sits on your crotch a bit. I really recommend this to anyone who wants to pack in regular underwear but doesn’t wear briefs. I just wish it were a little cheaper so it wouldn’t break the bank so much to buy more than one, since I wear it every day.

| Wallie 26-06-2019 23:51

I bought this originally because the Spareparts company produces excellent quality material and I wanted jock strap style underwear. The material is great quality that wicks away sweat and it is easy to forget that you have them on. This product has an elastic band that hold the packer in and creates a feeling of freedom for the balls. Also, you can chose if you want your packer right against your skin or covered just by adjusting the flap of fabric behind the packer. I have not used this with an STP but I can imagine this could work fairly well with an STP.

The downside to this packing harness is the HUGE logo on the front, the lack of color choices and the price.
If I were in the men's restroom I would be a little concerned about a big, sparkly label drawing too much attention. In terms of price there are cheaper options on this website that can work just as well.

4 stars based on 6 reviews
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