Banana Stroker Short (S1)

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From the folk who bring us the Banana Packers, we are pleased to offer this masturbation sleeve designed with trans guys in mind. 

  • Length of the shaft: 3-3.5" LENGTH OF SHAFTS VARY
  • Diameter: 1.25" 
  • Opening diameter: .5"
  • Internal length: 3"


The Stroker is a flaccid, flexible and realistic penis-shaped masturbator made from medical grade silicone and designed to be durable, flexible, and comfortable. The details and the soft texture with internal stimulation is sure to please. Growth of the "dickclit" is necessary for optimal use. If needed, use a water based lubricant only. Do not to unroll and stretch the stroker excessively like a sock to avoid premature tearing.


Note that these are handmade items and there will be air bubbles and the finish on the end may have some flaws and the hole may not be directly in the center of this item. These situations do not affect the stroker's suction capacity or durability and are not a valid reason for return. Also the colors may not look exactly as they appear on your computer screen. 


Material: 100% Silicone
Care: This can be washed with soap and water or toy cleaner and air-dried. Use only water-based lubes
Warranty: EtB's standard 60 day warranty against defects.
| LH 25-11-2023 22:57

I was skeptical about getting this toy because I have had some growth while on HRT but not a ton and it’s not the cheapest… I would literally recommend this to anyone! It was a bit bigger than I thought when I got it in the mail, even though it was a small, but holy hell! The opening was perfect size! That was easily one of the best orgasms I’ve had while masturbating! I did lose suction a couple times which was a bit of a bummer but it took maybe a second to get it back where it needed to be. Highly highly highly highly highly recommend! Phenomenal product!

| Ry 25-06-2022 14:22

Overall it's a great gender euphoric toy. My only "complaint" is that I'm too big to use it the way I had hoped. I can barely fit in it regardless of how much lube I use but this way it provides a lot of suction. It can be good but then turns a bit painful if left too long. Great toy but if you have any good amount of bottom growth it won't work well as a true stroker.

| Rivera 12-11-2021 16:49

This stroker is INCREDIBLE. I don't usually write reviews for anything. But, this product deserves a 5 star review.

I'm a big fan of suction toys. My favorite is the We-Vibe Melt. I like direct and powerful stimulation. So, I was skeptical that just a stroker would work. The problem with the suction toys is that they just aren't very gender affirming. Which led me to buy this.

The first time I uses it, it was just ok. It was a new sensation. I have pretty decent bottom growth. Been on T for a little over 8 years. I start out with about an inch but can get up to three when I'm really really turned on and about to finish.

Despite feeling like I didn't like it as much as my mechanical toys, I decided to use it again. If I can give you any advice for using this, it's this: USE LUBE. I usually don't need to. I produce my own natural lubrication that I've always felt was good enough. It is a completely different experience with a good lube.

This toy gave just the right amount of suction and the ribbing on the inside feels incredible when I reached my peak hardness. Taking it all the way off and inserting myself over and over feels so good. And, the visual of seeing a penis made it that much better. I can honestly say this gave me gender euphoria. It's so good. I don't feel like I need intense vibration of suction to be able to organize anymore.

My only complaint is that it's not longer. But, it's a very minor complaint and not enough to deter me from giving this a 5 star rating.

| Jackson 27-10-2021 23:47

I've been on t 2yrs, and it fit well as expected (pretty mind-blowing). A quality product, quick shipping, and zero issues!

| C 26-10-2021 16:46

I'm pre-t (and not naturally well-endowed) and reading a lot of reviews, I concluded that probably no stroker would really "work" for me, but I was pleasantly surprised! I'm sure it doesn't work the same way as if you have growth (I didn't really feel the texture of the ridges). But it was so amazing to see something realistic down there and have it connected to my sensations. The suction was strong enough to hold (as long I was a little gentle with it). It does also act as a gentle pump, definitely made my junk way bigger right after use. The only thing is it wasn't quite as physically pleasurable as what I'd normally do with my hands and it's a bit more effort, but the gender euphoria was so worth it!

| E 03-08-2021 23:05

This toy is intended for trans masculine people with bottom growth. I'm a cis-ish woman who has roughly low to average T levels but a naturally large clit, though I don't have much girth or anything approaching clitoromegaly. The toy is a little big for my clit, but the suction acts like a gentle pump and I'm able to get hard enough to reach the first ridge or two inside the toy. From there, I can tug on it so it jerks me off inside the stroker, lube up the outside and jerk off like a cis dude for a subtler feeling, even get on my knees and fuck a folded pillow (highly recommended even if it made me feel like a teenage boy willing to fuck anything). The suction isn't enough to fuck anything tight but for me it's enough for rubbing on things without the toy falling off my clit. Highly recommended! I'm having a difficult time putting this down lol

| Andy Chaz 19-06-2021 21:03

AMAZING! most euphoria i have ever felt. getting to stroke my banana ;)

| Q 07-03-2021 23:11

I was excited for this toy, but unfortunately it didn't work out for me and I never actually got to use it. I think maybe it got squashed during the shipment and then sort of "hardened" in that shape in transit. When I pulled it out of the packaging, it was really flattened, and when I tried to just gently pull the opening back to a normal round/circle shape, it split about a centimeter along the length, making the opening much bigger than it's designed to be. I wasn't even stretching it past its normal resting circle shape, just trying to see if it could go back from long skinny oval to circle. The material was really stiff, so I think that's why it split. Unfortunately I opened it a couple of days after receiving the package, or I would have tried to see if I could get a refund – I think issues have to be reported within 24 hours :( I love early2bed and have bought a few things before that were great, but this one just doesn't seem up to the normal quality unfortunately. I hope they'll reconsider stocking this item because the material itself seems too cheap and inflexible.

FROM ETB: Hi! Sorry to hear that! Please do reach out to our customer service department at [email protected] so we can help you.

| Shane TL 05-01-2021 14:50

I've been on T for little over a year and this was able to fit my growth. Not perfectly because the toy is a little big for me but I'm still able to use it and get myself off with it. This is a great product for it's purpose and one of the more affordable realistic strokers I've seen. Helps a lot with my dysphoria <3

4.35 stars based on 9 reviews
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