Taking Care of Your Toys

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How to care for all your toys

Congratulations on your new toy! Most toys are pretty easy to take care, and if you show them some love they will last longer and be safer for your body!


General Rules for all Sex Toys

• Wash your toys before you use them the first time and every time after you use them.

• Avoid harsh soaps, instead use liquid hand soap or toy cleaner and let toys air dry.

• Always remove batteries (if your toys have 'em)

• Store your toys and safer sex items our of direct sunlight and away from heat. Fabric bags & toy storage boxes are a great way to store your toys so they are clean and ready to go when you need them.

• Storing your toys in plastic is not recommended.


All Vibrators

You should clean your vibrator before you use it for the first time and after every time it’s used. Take the batteries out before you wash it and avoid getting the part where the batteries are housed wet.  You can use mild liquid soap and hot water or toy cleaner to clean any sex toy. Unless your vibrator is waterproof, do not submerge it underwater, instead you can use a washcloth.  For longer vibrator and battery life, we suggest that you store the batteries outside of the vibrator. While soap & water/toy cleaner does a great job of cleaning most toys, we do recommend using a new condom for each person if you are going to be sharing your toy or using the same toy vaginally & anally. 


Silicone Toys

Silicone toys can be washed with mild liquid soap and hot water or toy cleaner. You can sterilize non-vibrating 100% silicone toys by boiling them in water for 3 minutes. Silicone can last for years, but once you get a tiny nick or cut in it, it will tear easily, so keep your toys away from cats claws, teeth and other sharp objects. While the general rule has been that silicone lube should not be used with silicone toys, recently some makers have said their toys are compatible with high quality silicone lubes. If you want to try a silicone lube with a silicone toy, do a patch test on the bottom of the toy for 24 hours to be sure that it won't hurt the surface of your toy. In general though, Early to Bed recommends that you use water-based lubes with your silicone toys and we are not responsible for any damage that silicone lubes does to silicone toys. 


All Other Soft, Non-Silicone Toys

These should be washed with mild liquid soap and hot water or toy cleaner. It’s advisable to use a condom on these toys, as the material is semi-porous and cannot be sterilized like silicone. Once Cyberskin, SoftTouch and skin-like toys are dry, they can be covered in cornstarch powder to restore their texture (avoid using talc on sex toys as it is a suspected link to ovarian cancer). Store these toys in separate bags or socks to avoid them touching other toys as the can harm the surface of toys if left in contact for long periods of time.  That said, for your own safety, we strongly recommend that you upgrade any soft vibes, dildos or butt toys to safe 100% silicone.


Glass and Steel Toys

Glass and Steel toys should be washed with mild liquid soap and hot water or toy cleaner. They are non-porous and any type of lube can be used with these toys. 



If you ever have questions about how to care for or use your toy, contact us. We are here to help!

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