Blue Valentine

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While we may not sell erection drugs, we do have this sexy dick pill for you!

With packaging like an enormous pill, this is an ideal gift that will bring a chuckle... and then some other sexy noises. The Blue Valentine is a stretchy sleeve that features 46 waves inside for fun sexy solo (or partnered) play. It is a little more sturdy than our other smaller sleeves and we think this pill might be just the thing for what ails you(r penis)!

This is super loved by trans guys, especially ones with more growth, but is stretchy enough to fit just about anyone's bits. Use with water-based lube.

Check out Chase Ross's review of this product. 


Length: 3"

Diameter: 1.75"

Opening diameter: .75"

Internal length: 2.5"

Material: Elastomer
Care: This can be washed with soap and water or toy cleaner and air-dried.
Warranty: EtB's standard 60 day warranty against defects.
| Brynn 27-08-2023 23:30

Female here, hated it, too squishy, sticks to pubes and hurts, also too big. Y’all need to make really small ones and with a material that won’t stick to hair.

| Nicholas 17-02-2023 06:45

Easy pill to swallow. I have above average growth been on T 14 years, I usually have to squeeze myself in the other toys marketed to transmen. This one right here brought tears to my eyes! Great suction, AMAZING realistic sucking sensation and it actually stays put. I find using a small amount of water base lube adds to the strength of the suction. I'm actually going to buy a few more. I wish they carried the other ones that have different patterns inside the blue is the wave pattern.

| JD 19-01-2022 00:51

Too squishy for my tiny t-dick. I can't get it to work. Need something a firmer.

| Casey 18-10-2021 22:48

The opening is too big, it barely creates suction and when it does it just comes off when I move it, I was expecting more since I've been on testosterone for 2 years but it doesn't even work if I put the lips in the hole as well...

| Bear 10-10-2021 07:31

Works wonderful only a few months on T and it has great suction. Very gender affirming to use. 10/10 would recommend to my friends. If I could rate higher definitely would. Also has a nice container to put it in and very easy to clean.

| Gray 11-04-2021 18:39

If I could give this thing more than 5 stars I probably would. I've been taking testosterone for nearly 2 years, and my growth is about an inch and a quarter in length while also being a bit on the girthy side. The trick is using a lubricant around the lip of the sleeve and squeezing the top a little before inserting yourself to get a suction going. Im personally big enough to reach the ridges deeper in the toy, but I honestly think anyone who uses it as a suction toy can enjoy it. I also felt a kind of gender euphoria from using what essentially functions like a small fleshlight which was awesome. Cleaning is it way easy (tbh I usually just take it in the shower with me lol). All that plus the more than affordable price tag has me recommending this to all of my friends ;D

| Elliott 13-11-2020 20:57

This is my go-to sex toy when I'm going solo. I have used the Bro Sleeve, KissX, and Buck Off. This stroker works the best for me and I will recommend this to anyone. I am about 4.5 years on T and have had average growth. I am able to manipulate this sleeve to get good suction along with lube. It's magical. 100% MAGICAL. Highly recommend and it's only $12!

| Chester 13-05-2020 22:17

I'm almost a year on T now, my bottom growth is average to large, and I'm pre op. I have nerve issues with reduced sensation in my genitals, so I wasn't expecting to be able to get off just with this, but it does feel really nice and makes me very euphoric. My only issue is that I don't get much out of the texture because of how small my growth is, I think this definitely won't work if you're pre T or have very small growth, but if you have average or bigger growth or you've had meta you should be fine. If you're very sensitive from T, you might want to stay away from this, on my more sensitive days it just hurts but on good days it feels very good.

| Jack 11-09-2019 23:42

I got this because it was so highly reviewed by other trans guys, but it is not working at all. It’s too squishy and creates barely any suction. I’ve been on testosterone for 9 months and have what I thought was average growth, but maybe I’m still too small?

| Jay 23-07-2019 23:00

I’ve been on t for 10 months now and I wanted to try something different and I never heard of something like this till I found this site . And let me tell you guys out there this shit here works wonders if u got growth ! Love the toy best thing I’ve bought in a long time :) plus for once I felt like I could jerk off like a dude was prettt great . I highly recommend this !!

| Ryder 23-07-2019 22:57

I saw a review of this toy on an FTM YouTube's channel and he said it was great and recommended trying it out. I've been on T for seven months and have had a good amount of growth downstairs. In the past I have used other toys, mainly vibrators, but this is better than any toy I've ever used. It's so cheap, just squirt in a little bit of lube and it feels great. For the first time in my life I feel like I can solo it like a dude and jerk myself off. It was really gender affirming and made me feel great. Would recommend, totally worth a try for the price. :)

| James 23-07-2019 22:56

This thing is amazing. It feels like there are plenty of ways to use this toy. Been on T almost 7 years with what I'd say is average growth- this thing is a blessing. You can fold the bottom up a bit to hit those ridges better and the suction will still work. Even using it to glide over yourself feels really good. Play around! For the first time I don't feel frustrated trying to bate the master. It is not quiet (makes a lot of squishy noises) but who cares when it works so damn good?

| Rick 23-07-2019 21:22

This thing is great but I slightly prefer the buck off. I love the packaging though. It's nice that it comes in a capsule so you can keep it clean and free of debris. And it is so cheap. Super worth it. Definitely choose this over the bro sleeve.

| Danny 23-07-2019 20:32

This is the best masturbation toy I have ever had! I just got done ordering a new one because I punctured my old one. (Don't blow it up like a balloon.) The enclosed end is a little weaker than the rest of the toy, but other than that I have no complaints! I'd recommend it to anybody! Literally hours of fun! I can't wait for my new one to get here. I'm lost without it. Thanks to FTM Youtuber Chase Ross!

| Bear 23-07-2019 20:28

I also ordered this a while back after seeing a review from a YouTube. As an FTM finding a toy that suits my needs is sometimes challenging. However, this sleeve along with a few other selections I've also tried and/or going to try are amazing. I'm not sure why this selection is not on the list for gender expression but it should be!

| Ash 23-07-2019 20:25

I ordered this toy after seeing a review for it from a FTM youtuber. This thing is AMAZING! It's a lot of fun and I'd recommend it to any of my trans bros :)

4 stars based on 16 reviews
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