Bro Sleeve 2.0

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This sleeve is ideal for penises that are under 2" long or for folks who want a tight sleeve that leaves enough of the dick exposed for simultaneous activities (ie: blow job). Made of a squishy material with soft nubs covering the inside, this feels great to the touch and can be used in a variety of situations.

The Bro Sleeve is also great for trans guys. Just pinch one end of the sleeve, place on the area you want to stimulate, and go to work. You can read our reviewer's take on it here, but to sum him up "I really enjoy the Bro Sleeve. It is something I use regularly!"

Don't forget a good water-based lube. The sleeve is 2" long with an opening of about .75" wide when in resting state.


Please note that these sleeves may have minor surface flaws from the molding process. These are not considered a defect and do not impact use in any way.

Material: TPR Soft Plastic
Care: This can be washed with soap and water or toy cleaner and air-dried.
Warranty: EtB's standard 60 day warranty against defects.
| Sol 20-08-2021 04:22

i was super excited to get this thinking it would fit and have a suction because based off of the reviews i thought it would be great but was wholly extremely disappointing! i’ve been on t for almost a year and it was not only extremely loose but had barely any suction. a waste of money and a disappointment

| J 19-08-2021 19:04

Had gotten a sleeve a few months ago, and it was alright, but I wasn't enjoying it as much as I'd hoped as the opening was too wide. I'm just at 3 years on T, but my growth is more girth than length, so most toys don't work with me. Wanted something else to try, and settled on this because of the reviews. Easily one of the best purchases I've made for myself in a while. The opening is small enough that it feels nice and tight, while not being too difficult to insert myself into. Didn't use lube on my first run, but I didn't feel like I even needed it once I figured out how best to use it. Can't wait to be able to properly test it out later, but I'd recommend this to anyone who has a similar experience. Finishing with it nearly had me pass out.

| Leo 14-08-2021 07:11

i’ve been on testosterone over 2 years i i do have some growth though it may not be as much as others, i enjoy this a lot. i would reccomend it for those with more growth though. i did tie an elastic to one end for some suction and that felt better than just covering the opposite ends with my hand. if it’s not your thing that’s fine, it comes at a pretty good price and for me i find it more enjoyable the more i experiment with it. definitely recommend using lube

| Mr Mash 26-08-2020 00:50

My first, and favorite. I have had mine for several years now. Picked up on a whim in the midst of purchasing some other goodies from the site. 100/10 my favorite toy to play with solo. Can be a bit noisy, and lube tends to get everywhere, but that's all part of the enjoyment for me. Time and time again I often find myself reaching for this toy specifically, over my other sleeve (sorry Buck). You cannot go wrong with this one, especially ordering from the best shop on planet Earth.

| Tim 14-04-2020 03:17

I’m not trans, just bought it because it was compact. And wow. I love it. I figured only having 2” would feel extremely small. With lube it is incredibly good

| David 23-07-2019 23:02

On T here for about 10 years with typical growth, nothing special. This little tool is amazing in that it simulates a really good blow job. Covers the whole area and rubs perfectly.
It does make some noise, depending on how fast you jerk off.
I highly recommend it for self play.

| D 23-07-2019 20:31

After reading many positive reviews about this sleeve, I thought why not just order it. On T, I've had about an inch and a half of growth. I was slightly worried that it wouldn't work, but it works marvelously! It would work if you are smaller than that. Definitely fun to experiment with and spice things up on my own or with others. The suctioning, when covering the top, is another solid feature. Worth the money!!!! Quick delivery, and discreet. Thank you!

| Danny 27-06-2019 00:07

After reading many positive reviews about this sleeve, I thought why not just order it. On T, I've had about an inch and a half of growth. I was slightly worried that it wouldn't work, but it works marvelously! It would work if you are smaller than that. Definitely fun to experiment with and spice things up on my own or with others. The suctioning, when covering the top, is another solid feature. Worth the money!!!! Quick delivery, and discreet. Thank you!

| Rick 27-06-2019 00:06

This worked for me at first but if you have a lot of growth on T you may eventually outgrow it. I hate that it is open on both sides. It makes it difficult to create suction (which is the best part) and lube will leak out and make it too slippery to hold on to. Try the buck off or sexy pill instead.

| Rick 27-06-2019 00:05

I just wanted to say that I am pre-T and this was still fun to play with, especially if you put a bullet or something in one end. The only problem with that is it is easy to accidentally turn the bullet off which can be frustrating.

Also, try not to get lube on the outside or it will slide right out of your hands and be messy. You do want to use lube though. But all that lube will make a lot of inappropriate noises while you are using this, which I personally enjoy, but not exactly discreet haha.

I actually had the brilliant idea to shove this inside of an STP so you could have it on you and jerk off the STP and it would prolly feel really good and be fun, but unfortunately it was a little too big to fit inside the cavity of the only STP I own. I still think this is brilliant but it won't work with what I have now. Warning though: If you try to do this and it doesn't appear to be happening, don't force it. I actually made a hole in the brosleeve while attempting this. Still works fine though.

Also a lot of people talk about the smell. I don't mind it.

So yeah if you work with this and experiment, even pre-T you will have a good time. Even if it doesn't work for you, it is cheap and you'll be glad you have it once you do start T.

| Chris 27-06-2019 00:05

I've been searching for something to help me, because I'm 5 months on T and not wanting my girl to touch me much.
I wasnt sure this could help because my little guy isn't too big yet. But holy crap it works! I'd tell any transguy to get this! Shipped super fast also! I'm all around impressed :) nicely done ETB!

| A 27-06-2019 00:04

I was wary of this since trans anatomy is different, but it actually worked quite well.

Only complaint is that this site lists this as another name than the product they sent out (a Doc Johnson Good Head Helping Head product), which is sold for half to 3/4 the price on other sites. So, that was misleading and could have saved me some money.

Nonetheless, i am happy with the actual product.

FROM ETB: Glad you like the toy! In regards to the name & price: We rename a lot of our toys and renamed this to match our previous mini sleeve.We did not intend to mis-lead anyone and have added the "real" name to the description to avoid confusion. As for the price, we keep our prices as low as we can, but as a small business committed to a high level of customer service, we cannot always match our big-box competitors. Know that when you buy from us, you are supporting a business that works hard to support the trans, queer and feminist communities as well as provide living wages for our employees. We value all feedback and thank you for taking the time to review this.

| James 27-06-2019 00:03

This toy is one of the best I've experienced. As a transman, sexual pleasure can sometimes be difficult. And the ending result might not be as pleasurable if I'm not comfortable with how I got there.
This little guy is perfect for this problem. It is easier to work with because I have experienced some growth.. I am 13 months into HRT. It also leaves me feeling very masculine.
But anyway, I find the best results come with lots and lots of water based lube, as well as a rubber band wrapped around the opposite end providing some suction. I think it is safe to say I've used this every day since I received it.

| Damien 27-06-2019 00:02

This has made me a very happy transman. I'm still fairly new to my testosterone therapy, so I haven't had a ton of cock growth and am still quite small. :\ But this sleeve is fantastic. It does have a bit of an odor, but I kind of like the fresh-from-the-package smell, so that's not an issue for me.

I was also surprised at how big the sleeve looked when it arrived, but it works great. Jimmy's review mentioned covering the end to make some suction, and I gotta thank him for that - this is my first toy of any kind, and I wouldn't have thought to try that on my own.

| Jimmy 27-06-2019 00:02

I got this sleeve because it is recommended for FtMs. I can honestly say it didn't disappoint. My cock is a little over an inch long (with testosterone). At first I thought, "There is no way this is going to work. This thing is too big." To my surprise, it worked great (I did pump a little). I would highly recommend this to other transmen. It's a great buy for a cheap price. (You will need some lube for it -- it doesn't slide easily without any).

4.55 stars based on 15 reviews
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