Party In My Pants Menstrual Pads

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Who doesn't want an adorable, one-of-a-kind, hand-sewn menstrual pad? Party in My Pants makes your period fun! These reusable cloth pads have snap closures instead of adhesive, and are super-thin while being ultra-absorbent! The inside material is soft cotton flannel and the backing is waterproof to protect against leaks. They also fold up cleverly for tossing in your bag. Amazing!

PATTERNS VARY! We get different designs with each order, so we'll just pick one out for you, but you have your choice of five different sizes and absorbencies:

Mini Liner - 7" X 2" (for very light flow, the thinnest of all the pads)
Small - 7" X 2"
Medium - 10" x 2.5" 
Large - 10.5" x 3"
Overnight - 11.25" X 3"


Staff Product Review:

"I have been using cloth pads for years and have never loved them like I do these! So super soft and ultra-thin, I was surprised by how well they worked. Not only am I reducing my environmental impact, but they let my coochy breathe much better than plastic pads."


How do I wash my pads?

The easiest, most effective cleaning method is to machine wash pads just like any other piece of clothing. Just pop ‘em in the washing machine (warm or cold) and toss ‘em in the dryer on low. Some people soak their cloth pads before washing, but with Party In My Pants it's generally not necessary. However, if you have an older washing machine, you might find it doesn't clean pads as thoroughly and you may opt to soak them very briefly in cool water (5 min max) to loosen any dried fluids before machine washing. If your washing machine has a pre-wash setting, you could also use that instead of soaking.
If hand washing is your only option, take care to do so as gently as possible while still cleaning the pad thoroughly. In the case of hand washing, we recommend soaking very briefly in cool water and a stain treatment (5 min max) to loosen any fluids before washing. Then, rinse and squeeze pads until the water runs clear, rather than scrubbing out the soiled areas. If scrubbing is necessary, lift top layers away from the nylon shield (bottom layer) and scrub the top layers with the same action you would to wash out your underwear. The nylon layer is what makes pads leak-resistant, so take care to treat it gently. 
Pads can be washed using most any detergent, although we recommend an eco-friendly option like Ecos or Seventh Generation. Be sure to avoid using super-hot water, a scorching hot dryer, bleach, dryer sheets or fabric softener. All will damage the nylon backing and bring about your pad's untimely demise. Tip: Double check that your detergent doesn't contain bleach so that you don't inadvertently damage your pads.
Also, try not to mistake stains for uncleanliness — over-treating and re-washing unnecessarily will shorten the useful life of pads. If a pad is truly not clean, it will feel very stiff and be significantly less absorbent. To treat stains, dampen the pad with water, sprinkle or squirt on your chosen eco-friendly stain remover (we recommend Oxo Brite ) directly on the stain and let stand for a few minutes before tossing in the wash. Avoid scrubbing out the stain and just let the stain remover do it's work.

Material: 100% cotton top, nickel-free snaps, breathable nylon shield underneath
Care: Machine wash, tumble dry on low or let air-dry
| Rose 26-06-2019 23:32

I'm a HUGE fan of cloth pads, and made the switch from disposables about 6 months ago. I've never looked back. I am a gay cis female and don't want children, and for years I had a lot of anguish surrounding my period. Why do I have to deal with it when I have no need for it? Why is it so uncomfortable? Why are menstrual product companies charging so much (+ taxes!) for completely necessary items?

Finding cloth pads and making the switch changed my outlook on my period. I feel in tune with my body more than ever, and actually enjoy the time now. I know it sounds crazy, but there's something almost ritualistic about it, and very empowering.

All that said, Party In My Pants make the most professional quality pads I have tried. They have so many cute prints, and a size for everyone (I LOVE their overnight and Queen pads!). They're backed in nylon, so there's no worry about them leaking. I suggest sizing up if you're anxious about anything - these pads are super thin and not bulky at all, so a size bigger than you might need only offers extra assurance, not bulk.

I also think cloth pads could be a great option for FTM trans folk out there looking for a way to lessen their dysphoria. A stash of pads in dark colors avoid staining and are easy to wash, and you won't need to buy menstrual products in person.

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