Archer Packer

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NYTC's 100% silicone packers are pretty amazing. They are very detailed and feel like nothing else on the market. They are softer than other silicone packers, super squishy and the same density throughout. Just really lovely. 

Archer is a favored cut packer (and his uncut brother Pierre) made by the same company that makes Shilo, our well-loved Pack n' Play dildo, so you can get a set that matches color!

Archer is available in two sizes. The Large is our standard size while the Small is sized for smaller guys and younger folks. Please look carefully at the pictures to see the size differential. We cannot take returns on Packers so shop carefully. 


  • Width at widest point (the testicles) is 2 inches
  • Total Length 5.25
  • Weight 6.7 oz


  • Width at widest point (the testicles) is 1.75"
  • Total length 4"
  • Penis length 3.5"

Please note: These are small-batch handmade items so colors may vary and there may be slight flaws in the surface. Also note that we recommend using a non-metal ring to pack with these (or any packer). Wear underwear over these to avoid the harm that zippers and seams can cause. 

Material: Silicone
Care : This toy is made of 100% silicone. Pure silicone toys are non-porous and can be washed with soap and water or toy cleaner. Non-vibrating 100% silicone toys can be sterilized in boiling water or in the top rack of your dishwasher. 100% Silicone is latex &
Length: 5.25" (4" for Small)
Width: 2" (1.75" for Small)
Warranty: EtB's standard 60 day warranty against defects.
| Will 23-07-2019 22:46

I ordered the small size of this packer and i’m 5’4 and 13 years old. I wear somewhat loose shorts most of the time and it’s just hard to believe how small this packer is. Like when I pulled it out of the bag and held it in my hand I had to go back to the pictures for a minute to see if I had the right thing and surely it was. I even tried it in my tight boxer briefs to look in the mirror and there was no bulge at all. I was literally flat down there. I think 4 inches is a good size but the shaft was way too skinny and the balls were miniature, and having decent sized balls contributes to a decent bulge so that is definitely what it’s missing. I would basically recommend almost everyone to go with the large because if you are looking to get a bulge with a packer (most of you probably are) and honestly in my opinion the small gives you a bulge an eight year old would most likely have and i know that sounds weird but i’m not lying. This was also my first packer and it’s very soft and it has a great texture so I may end up purchasing the large soon because it’s a nice packer it’s just too small.

| T 23-07-2019 22:45

I really like the material of this packer. It's much healthier than most alternatives from cheaper materials.
The normal size fits me OK (could be a tiny bit smaller). I would prefer a different shape for the glans - not with such a prominent edge.
But overall it's my favorite packer for only packing.
Maybe you could experiment with a hollow shaft (and maybe also hollow out the balls) to reduce weight and make it more squishy. Squishiness does not necessary need a different material - a slightly hollow shaft may be sufficient.

| Milo 23-07-2019 22:44

If you are looking for a Packer that’s going to fit you perfectly and you are my height, 5’2” then this packer in a small would probably be your best bet. If you order a large, I will warn you that you can pull it off in pants with a large empty croton looking space, if you buy or make a harness and push the packer in between your legs. If you are around 4’9” to 5’4” ish or maybe 5’3” and you don’t necessarily want to have an obvious and awkward bulge then order the small. If you are 5’4” ish and up I would recommend the large.

As for turning this guy into an StP I didn’t get very far. Since I tried cutting into the packer and making my own non-spill lip and reservoir I was not so successful. I would recommend using another company’s packer (a silicone one and not a sailor or Mr. Limpy ). I would recomend buying from ECprosthetics. I wouldn’t recommend making your own 4 in 1 since the actual shaft would be too thick with a rod inside of it.

Last but not least the density is not very realistic at all, in my opinion it feels like one of the breast pads with silicone filling in it only softer, in which you might find in a mother’s dresser or of a partner’s.
Good luck in making ur decision!

| Torrey 23-07-2019 22:43

I got this (large) and as much as I love the look and feel of it, it's just too big. I should have considered the pictures better, but the reviews seemed overall suggest that it was the right size. It didn't give me a "boner" look, but it showed off way more than I feel the need to. It's definitely worth considering if you want to show off a bit, or if you are a bigger person and it matches your size better.

| Alex 23-07-2019 22:42

Since my Mr. Right is too big for me, I was pretty sure the regular Archer would be too. I still think I'm right about that, but despite drawing out what the "small" Archer should look like, I was still shocked by the real thing. It looks prepubescent! The whole thing is miniaturized, so the balls are teeny, I think that's why it looks like it belongs on a child. I'm back on the market for the perfect package. . .

| Levi 23-07-2019 22:42

This packer is great! It can be used as an everyday packer and works with many harnesses (or without). I'm super happy with it. I'm 165cm (and pretty slender) and the large works great for me. The customer service was great, the package was secure and it arrived really quickly (for something being sent to South Africa).

Highly recommended!

| Shepard 23-07-2019 22:41

A lovely little packer for someone like me not too concerned about size (small). This is the right packer for people who wear tighter pants on the regular. My only complaint is that mine came with small tears under the shaft, but absolutely no one except me will ever see them, so it's all good!! Natural texture, easy to clean and wear, fast shipping. Totally recommended.

| Ei 23-07-2019 22:41

This pacer is amazing. I thought it might take some time to get used to or feel odd but it doesn't feels like its been there all my life. thanks for making a grate product.

| Connor 23-07-2019 22:40

I just got this packer in the mail today, very fast shipping!! It feels really great, not overly squishy but definitely firner than most, and great detailing all over. My one small problem with it was that it's big, really big! The bulge it gave in looser pants was a bit too much for me. I probably should've gone with the smaller one since i'm on the smaller side, but all in all I'm super happy with it!

| Simon 23-07-2019 22:39

I have both the Pierre and Archer packers. I have a preference for this one but that's because it feels a bit less heavy than the Pierre. They're both totally great! Definitely recommended for anyone who packs a lot!

| Jay 23-07-2019 22:39

All I can really say is wow. This is all I wanted from a packer and more I am so impressed. The quality is really nice, as well as the look and feel. I got the large in cashew and it is a comfortable and manageable. Makes a noticeable bulge which is nice if you're like me and like that. It's easy to clean, needs to be corn starched after tho as most packers do but that's no issue. I had a sailor in the past that started tearing within the first week, I was so upset cause my gf really liked that one and I bought this to replace it, it arrived just in time too because the sailor had almost ripped full through. I'm gonna real talk, it's a great packer that makes you feel sexy, if having a larger dick is something you're into. My gf likes this packer even more than the last one. It has a more realistic feel and a lot more detailed scrotum. And I know you aren't supposed to use packers for sex but can you really criticize me for trying? Needless to say you can use it for sex, tho it can be a lil tricky and hard to get in at first cause it's not meant for penetration. Use a condom to protect your packer though, friends. Definitely not something I'd plan on permanently using for sex, don't get me wrong it was great but the fact that it's softer and shorter limits your options. It's a more manageable size for partners that are a virgin or nervous about penetration. My girlfriend agreed it is a good stepping stone because it's not as intimidating. Customer service was great!!

| Alexander 23-07-2019 22:38

I am so very happy to have finally found a silicone packer that is ACTUALLY soft to the touch. I strongly recommend this packer over cyber skin models. WELL worth the investment.

4.4 stars based on 12 reviews
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